Wedding & Events

Cohere?hotel?dedicate?to?provide?you?a?higher?standard?quality?of?Conference?Services,?satisfy?much?more?better?for?every?details. Whatever?meeting,?banquets?or?festival?celebration,?our?senior?catering?sales?team?are?endeavor?to?do?the?best?for?you.


The International Convention Center occupies a total area of nearly 6,000 square meters, offers a total of 10 different kinds of meeting and conference venues. ?It is the perfect venue for banquets, international conferences, performances, fashion shows and exhibitions.?

Cohere Hall without pillars is on the second floor, can accommodate 1,200 guests, is one of the most luxurious and spacious multi-functional hall in the northern-west of Hunan. All of our function rooms are provide state-of-the-art?facilities?and?security?system. Our experienced and helpful events and banquet specialists will assist you in all the necessary elements for a memorable and successful event.

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